Antique Handicraft Shop

Tarrab is one of the most prominent online antique home decor handicraft shop in Dubai. Our selection features handicraft items in both contemporary and modern designs. Each handcrafted product we offer is designed to add a unique antique touch and luxury to your home. Additionally, as each piece is handcrafted individually, each comes with its own unique design. As a result, you’ll find it challenging to find pieces similar to what you can find here in our collection. However, thanks to our wide selection, you will easily find products in all styles and at every price point.

Handicraft Shop in Dubai

From handmade antique candle holders and Moroccan bowls to tagines and soap holders, we currently have hundreds of handmade decorative items in our collection suitable for almost all indoor spaces. Apart from offering ready-made products, we can also customize each of our products with finer details and varied colours. Our artisans focus on creating each decorative piece with distinct aesthetic variations in tone, shine, flatness, transparency, and depth. In addition to the quality of our products, customers can also bank on us for free worldwide shipping and highly competitive prices. To know more about the products or for any assistance to purchase the right product for your home, reach out to us today!