Antique Arabic Lighting

Do you wish to add a touch of authentic Arabian ambience to your room or garden space? If yes, browse through our selection of antique Arabic Lighting, Arabic Lanterns, and Arabic Lamps and make your pick. Available in various sizes, shapes, and designs, each product in our catalogue has been handpicked from local and international suppliers to ensure that we have high-quality products suited for almost all tastes. It is to be noted that Arabic lamps and lanterns do not have any electrics and will need to be hooked or attached to your existing pendant ceiling fitting. 

Arabic Lamps and Lanterns

Whether you are hoping to get brass wall lanterns, jar-shaped wall lights, ceiling lanterns, or pendant lights, the diffusion of light through the coloured glass or perforated frame is sure to provide an enchanting ambience to your home. Each product in our selection is made available at highly competitive prices. We do provide free delivery across the UAE and also a quibble-free 7-day returns policy. Apart from our selection of vintage-style Arabic lamps and lanterns, we also offer a wide variety of antique home decor on a sale. To know more about us and our products, get in touch with our friendly customer support team and buy Arabic Lamp Online